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ITO film coating machine for conductive glass film for LCD PDP EL OLED touchscreen plating machine

ITO conductive film type professional coating machine mainly used in liquid crystal display and plasma display, electroluminescent display, touch screen, solar cells, flexible circuit boards and other conductive glass and electronic instrument with high transparent conductive films.The film layer has high conductivity, visible light transmittance and mechanical semiconductor film hardness and good stability. At the use of the target with different structure and target materials, one and multilayer nano layer deposits on the surface of substrate and forms a high and low resistance of ITO film.
Main Features:

1. The traditional vertical or efficient horizontal design, vacuum chamber and sputtering chamber structure and vacuum chamber between the vacuum lock isolation, meet different needs;
2. The new type of planar target, columnar target, rectangular target, twin magnetron target sputtering technology, improve the effect of coating and efficiency;
3. Equipped with high precision magnetic control power supply, gas flow, speed control, high degree of automation, simple operation.
4. Work piece rotation structure of male autobiography, can set up automatic positive &negative, adjust speed, product uniformity good;
5. Fast deposition rate, temperature rise is small, can restrain the lighter and better target poisoning phenomenon;

Basic Configuration:

1. Vacuum chamber : vertical single open the door, vertical double open the door or horizontal structure selection, 304 stainless steel material, vacuum chamber of the effective diameter 800 mm to 2000 mm, double walled structure of water cooling, etc.;
2. Vacuum system: mechanical pump, rotary vane pump, roots pump, molecular pump, cryogenic pump, with cold trap of high vacuum oil diffusion pump large pumping speed extraction system, stainless steel tube and the valve;
3.Coating system: the two - column 8 sets of planar target or target, DC magnetron sputtering, DC + RF magnetron sputtering, HDAP coating
4. Pneumatic system: 1-4 road gas flow meter and flow display control;
5. Control system: the touch screen, PLC, automatic and manual control convertible at any time;Real-time display detailed parameters, automatic control the entire production process, automatic storage process parameters.The main electric elements adopt schneider and other famous brand;
6. Safety system: water, electricity, gas abnormal sound and light alarm device, and perform the corresponding protection;
7. Assist extraction: a rapid circulation of low temperature steam trap;
8. Heating system: adopting tubular heating body, such as substrate temperature can reach 350 degrees;
9. Be equipped with multiple target source according to customer requirements;


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