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Drills And Cutters Tool , Carbide Tool Vacuum coating machine / line / equipment
DLC coatings: self-lubricating and anti-friction diamond-like coatings
Diamond-like-Carbon coatings are used in demanding automotive, non-ferrous material machining and industrial engineering environments where component surfaces are subjected to high contact pressure, intermittent lubrication or dry sliding and rolling environments where severe abrasive and adhesive wear conditions exist. DLC coatings are also commonly applied onto various medical and dental instruments and implants to provide a dark black, anti-reflective and bio-compatible surface with enhanced tribological protection properties.

This machine is suitable to the industrial production vacuum coating system.It equips a big size plain arc ion evaporation source and can deposite high performance hard metal film by arc evaporation technology, such as TiN, TiCN,AlTiN and all kinds of other special film according to customers requirements.
DLC coating (diamond-like carbon) is the combination of diamond (SP3) and graphite (SP2). The physical and chemical properties of DLC are intermediate to that of diamond and graphite.

Diamond-like carbon (DLC) film has a stable quality and strong adhesion with substrate. It has following advantages such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, super durable etc. DLC is widely used in coating engine parts, sliding sealing parts, non-ferrous metal cutting tools, measuring tools, aerospace and textile equipment and parts, wear parts (bearings, plunger, beryllium copper, aluminum) and other surface-hardened parts, precision semiconductor mold, medical instruments & implants, higher thermal components and stainless steel forming stamping molds.

Tag words :Drills And Cutters Tool , Carbide Tool Vacuum coating machine / line / equipment

Tools vacuum coating

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ModeDimension | HTC-800 | HTC-1100 | HTC-1250 | HTC-1600 | HTC-1800 |
800*1000mm | 1100*1000mm | 1250*1500mm | 1600*1800mm | 1800*1800mm |
Maily application | Metal decorative coating and Ceramic decorative coating |
Coating mode and main confirguration | Eight multi-arc targets | Ten multi-arc targets | Twelve multi-arc targets | Twenty multi-arc targets | Twenty two multi-arc targets |
Power source | Electric-arc power, Filament power, |
Process gas control | Mass flowmeter + Electromagnetic ceramic valve |
Vacuum chamber structure | Vertical side opening door, pump system postposition, double water cooling |
Vacuum system | Molecule pump +Roots pump +Mechanical pump(8.0*10-5Pa)Diffusion pump +Roots pump +Mechanical pump(8.0*10-4Pa) |
Workpiece baking temperature | Normal temperature to 350 centi-degree PID control, radiation heating. |
Workpiece motion mode | Public rotation Frequency control: 0-20 rotation per minute |
Measure mode | Number display composite vacuum gauge: from atmosphere to 1.0*10-5Pa |
Control mode | Manual/Automatic/PC/PLC + HMI/PC four choice of control mode |
Remark | We can design the dimension of the equipment according to customers special technique
requirement. |
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Coating samples :

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