PVD Vacuum Metallizer Machine / Light PVD Reflective Aluminum Metalization

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PVD Vacuum Metallizer Machine, Aluminum Metallizing Deposition in Lamps, Light PVD Reflective Aluminum Metalization

VAKIA-REC Aluminum Metallizing Reflective Film's Deposition, the standard coating machines are:

- - - -
Vakia-REC Series Vacuum Resistance Evaporation Coating Machine |
Model | REC-900 | REC-1000 | REC-1200 |
Chamber Structure | Vertical double single door,horizontal single door rear vacuum acquisition system |
Power supply | Resistance evaporation power supply, ion bombardment power supply |
Chamber Size | 900x1000 | 1000x1200 | 1200x1400 |
(mm) | (mm) | (mm) |
Chamber Material | SUS304 |
vacuum limit | 8.0*10-4Pa |
Pump-down time (unload) | Pump the atmosphere to 5.0*10-2Pa 6 minutes |
Vacuum acquisition | Diffusion pump(molecular pump)+Roots pump+Mechanical pump+Holding pump |
(specific model can be configured according to customer) |
Evaporation power | 25KW | 25KW | 30KW |
Total power | 40KW | 40KW | 50KW |
Cooling mode | Water circulation cooling, cooling water tower, industrial water cooler or deep cooling system. (Provided by customer) |
Rotating mode | Planetary driving, center driving, variable frequency speed regulation |
(controllable and adjustable) |
Control mode | Manual/automatic integration, touch screen operation, PLC computer control |
Alarm / protection | Alarm water shortage, over current and voltage, open circuit other abnormal conditions of pumps, targets, etc and execute relevant protective measures and electric interlock function. |
Equipment area | W3m*L3m | W3m*L3m | W3.5m*L4m |
System Operation | Auto/ Manual |
Cooling Tower | 15 RT (Water Pressure: 4kg/ cm2; Pressure Drop: 2kg/ cm2) |
Cooling Water | Inlet: 18; Outlet: 25; Standard: 201 |
Remarks | Specific coating equipment configuration can be designed as per requirements. |
- - - -

Thevacuum metallizer has the advantages which no other coating process can achieve:

Excellent uniformity, strong adhesion

Finishes are deposited using an environmentally friendly green process;
Highly reflective, brilliant and bright colors;
High volume production, low productioncost.

Light Reflective Coating Samples

Vakia Vacuum Coating provides you not simply the coating machine but the total coating solutions.

Please contact us today, Vakia Vacuum Coating ishonored to be your your business partner.

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