Professional Glass Short - Sighted / Far - Sighted Lens Coating Equipment

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short-sighted / far-sighted lens coating equipment , for glass and resin material

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Optical coating equipment can be plated layers more short pass, long wave pass, antireflection film, reflective film, filter membrane, beam splitter, a bandpass film, dielectric film, high anti-film, color reflective film various film system , can achieve 0-99 layer film coating film system,but also to meet the requirements as automotive reflective coating glass, binoculars, glasses, optical lens, cold cups and other products. Configure different evaporation sources, electron gun and ion source and a variety of film thickness meter can be plated Department of metals, oxides, compounds and other high melting membrane deposition, and super-hard coating on the glass surface.

# # The crystalline diaphragm thickness monitoring,Coating process is full automatic control ;
# Can be mounted automatically over institutions, increase the capacity and reduce the production cost;
# Optical thin film process formula can provided according to the customers requirements, (inclusion technology);

Optical Coater can coat multi-layers on viewing window or spectrum element that applied to optical instruments optical lens. It is suitable for coating antireflection coating, optical filter, multicolor, red, yellow, green and blue on optics lens, electronics, acrylic, glass, lamps, mobile viewing window, glasses, lighting.

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VAKIA-OEC Standard Specifications

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model | OEC630 | OEC900 | OEC1100 | OEC1200 | OEC1350 | OEC1600 |
application | Plating system for multilayer film, antireflection film, filters and beam splitting film, 7 colour film, cold light film, reflective film, etc. |
Principal dimension | Inside the chamber | 630800 | 9001100 | 11001300 | 12001450 | 13501500 | 16001500 |
Substrate umbrella stand | 570 | 820 | 1000 | 1100 | 1250 | 1500 |
Umbrella stand rotary speed | 0~30r/min,continuously adjustable |
Major parameter | Vacuumizing speed | From one bar to 5.010-3Pa12 minutes(no-load) |
Ultimate vacuum | 3.010-4Pa |
Substrate temperature | 350C(maximum) |
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