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vacuum coating machine with hmds system for lamp reflector manufacturer

I. Equipment Introduction:

vacuum coating machine with hmds system for lamp reflector manufacturer

Vakia-SRC-Evaporation Combination with Medium Frequency Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum Coater

This equipment is a batch vacuum coating equipment which adopts vacuum coating method, to coat aluminum film and SiOx protective film on the surface of the substrate. It mainly consist the vacuum chamber, vacuum pumping system, rotation system, Al evaporation source, pneumatic system, and electric control system etc. Its a mature technology with simple operation, fast deposition, high efficiency. It can also coat complicated shape substrate.

A variation onVacuum Metalizing(Filiment Evaporation/Cathode Arch/Sputter) called "Low Pressure Deposition."
Does not utilize complete atmosphere removal (vacuum)
Utilizes a basecoat, but a highly polished mold/amorphous materials don't need.
Deposition is very uniform and controlled.
Creates a very bright appearance (varies with thickness & basecoat color)
Materials that oxidize must be top coated - is metalizing, not plating.
Aluminum oxides, chrome, stainless steel.
Does not oxidize - no top coat required.


This machine is widely applied to high class decorative and functional film in such areas as watch, glasses, communication, electronic, machinery, decoration, traffic and aviation.

widely used in watches, glasses, information products, tools, dies, metal, glass, ceramics, building materials, and other surface treatment industry.

Glass ,the conductive film,widely used in liquid crystal display(LCD),solar cell,conductive film ITO glass microelectronics.optoelectronics,and various optics for flexible electrochromic device,flexible thin film solar cell ,flexible light-emitting device.

Widely used in plastic electronic products :mobile phone shell surface,the phone keypad,digital .electronic communications and other non-conductive plating film(NCVM)

Car light reflective film ,reflector cup,head lamp,rear lamp,turn light ,car license plate lamp etc.Front lamp including halogen lamp ,xenon vapor lamp,dipped headlight,far reaching headlamp,front turning light ,front position light (width light ,show the position of the car),front fog lamp,rear lamp including real light ,backup reversing lamp,break lamp,rear fog lamp,real turning light.

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vacuum coating machine with hmds system , lamp reflector manufacturer , hmds coating system

technology specifications

- - - -
PVD(physical vapor deposition)Metal Coating Machinery
Magnetron sputtering machine
(The configurations are custom made to meet each customer's needs) |
Available coatings
(could be changed according to each machine) | Metal film coatings: Titanium, Chrome, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Silver, Copper, Nikel, atc
Alloy film coatings: TiN, SiO2, TiO, etc |
Decorative applications | Functional applications |
1. Plastic tablewares with food grade silvering coatings
2. Mirror making
3. High quality plastic metallizing;
4. Car parts coating
5. Cosmetic caps coating
Thin film coating onto other items. | 1. ITO conductive glass coatings,
2. Low-E glass and sun reflecting glass coatings;
3. Tools coating;
4. Solar heating collecting thin film coating;
et cetera. |
Model Number | SRC-600 | SRC-900 | SRC-1000 | SRC-1200 | SRC-1400 | SRC-1800 | SPRC-8000 |
Dimension of vacuum chamber(diameter*height) | 600*700
mm | 900*1000
mm | 1000*1100
mm | 1200*1400
mm | 1400*1600
mm | 1800*2000
mm | Continuous line |
Material of vacuum chamber | Carbon steel, SUS304 or SUS316L |
Quantity of sputtering cathodes | 1 sets, DC or MF(medium frequency), or rectangle sputtering cathodes |
Pumping system | molecular pump or diffusion pump+mechanical pump | molecular pump or diffusion pump+mechanical pumps, booster pump |
Pumping Time | From atmosphere to 5.0*10-2Pa less than 8 minutes |
Gas distribution System with Mass Flow Controllers | 2 sets |
Vacuum Limit | 5.0*10-4 Pa |
Working temperature | Room temperature
As requested( for for continuous model) |
Working mode | Automatic or Manual mode, by 10.4 inches PLC touches screen |
Total Power | 40-100kW | 70-1000kW |
Footprint | 2*2 meters | 2*3 meters | 3*3 meters | 3*3 meters | 3*4 meters | 4*5 meters | Depends on needs |
These units you can custom made | 1. Size of vacuum chamber
2. Quantity of sputtering cathodes
3. Configurations of pumps
4. Gas distribution system |
Optional instruments | 1. Coatings thickness monitor
2. Leakage detector
3. Arc ion deposition system(not for continuous model)
4. Evaporation system(not for continuous model) |
- - - -

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