High Shiny Red Lens Plastic / Resin Optical Evaporation Coating Machine

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Plastic / resin optical evaporation coating machine for coating green and erd lens

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Product Characteristic:

1. Equipment with rectangular arc sources and anode layer ion source
2. Three-channel feedback control system :arc source, gas path,Deposition process
3. Octahedral Chamber:
A. Promotion of space utilization and reliability for using
B. Designed flexibly to obtain the best deposition effect
C. Convenient maintenance and also easy to be repaired

Product characteristic:

1. Accurate optic film deposition controller: crystal thickness monitor/optical monitor
2. Center-driving or planetary substrate dome is selectable
3. Uniformed and large area ion beam distribution Hall-ion source
4. E-beam gun, stable power output, small and uniform E-beam spot
5. Well uniformity of film thickness, well repeatability of deposition

Optics Coatings: Anti-Reflection coating ( AF film), optical filter, color separation filter, telescope, periscope, microscope and digital camera.

Application:Car mirror, Optical lens, Spectacle, Cold light lamp, Decorative Lighting, Rhinestone.

Vacuum Coating VS Traditional Electroplating

Finishes are completely environmentally green;
High shiny, bright color reflective;
High volume production, low cost, ideal solution for mass production demand.

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VAKIA-OEC Standard Specifications

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Model | Size(mm) | Diameter of lenses(mm) | Evaporation Power(kVA) | Electron gun (kVA) | Ultimate Vacuum | Cycle Time | ElectricalPower |
OEC0608 | 630xH800 | 50/55/60/65/70/75 | 3 | 10 | 8x10-4Pa | 30'~45' depends on Product | 3Phase/AC380V,50HZ |
OEC1315 | 1300xH1500 | 50/55/60/65/70/75 | 5 | 10 |
OEC1718 | 1700xH1800 | 50/55/60/65/70/75 | 5 | 10 |
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