High Productivity OEC Optic Vacuum Coater For Optical Lens / Spectacles

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OEC-Optical Evaporation Coater

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Product Characteristic:

1. Equipment with rectangular arc sources and anode layer ion source
2. Three-channel feedback control system :arc source, gas path,Deposition process
3. Octahedral Chamber:
A. Promotion of space utilization and reliability for using
B. Designed flexibly to obtain the best deposition effect
C. Convenient maintenance and also easy to be repaired

Product characteristic:

1. Accurate optic film deposition controller: crystal thickness monitor/optical monitor
2. Center-driving or planetary substrate dome is selectable
3. Uniformed and large area ion beam distribution Hall-ion source
4. E-beam gun, stable power output, small and uniform E-beam spot
5. Well uniformity of film thickness, well repeatability of deposition

Optics Coatings: Anti-Reflection coating ( AF film), optical filter, color separation filter, telescope, periscope, microscope and digital camera.

Application:Car mirror, Optical lens, Spectacle, Cold light lamp, Decorative Lighting, Rhinestone.

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PVD vacuum coating machine, vacuum metallizion, vacuum metallizer, vacuum deposition, vacuum depostion, thermal vacuum metallizer

VAKIA-OEC 1350 Specifications

- - - -
MODEL: OEC-l350 / USED: Optical Lens |
Chamber Inner Size: Diameter1350H1500mm |
Vertical Front-Opening door Vacuum Chamber Dome: 2 sets 3 section Heating: Halogen lamp:6KV |
Chamber Material:SUS 304 Stainless Steel |
Diffusion Pump:KT-630 (2 sets) 24 Vacuum System: Roots Pump:ZJY-600(1 set) Preceding Mechanical Pump:H-150(1 set) Holding Pump:2X-30(1 set) Note**(When the machine stops, the pump work 2 hours or so, to protect the vacuum and the whole system,it also mechanical pump) |
Ion Source: 1 set Model: CDNY-07LZ/2KW, Produced by Chendu Nanyi |
Electronic Gun: model:JYK-HZ08 8/10KW |
Quartz Crystal Control: SQC -310 Produced USAUNINFICON |
Polycold Machine:Model:TH-135-12P, produce by Beijing Tiandi Jingyi Technology Co., Ltd. |
Vacuum Gauge: ZDF (Pirani-2ea, penning 1-ea), produced Chengdou ZhengHua |
Ultimate Vacuum: 6.010-4Pa |
Working Vacuum: 2.010-2Pa |
Static Leakage Rate: 0.67Pa/h |
Cooling Mode: water circulation cooling |
2 sets of control cabinets Control Mode: touch Screen of 12 inches, color screen PLC programmable from Mitsubishi of Japan. |
Alarm and Protection Alarm for water shortage, over current, and the over voltage and broken circuit protection, Perform the corresponding Measures and the function of electric interlock. |
Other Parameters: Water Pressure: > 0.2 to 6 Mpa, 80 L/Min Water Temperature:22C Air Pressure: 0.4 to 0.6 Mpa Power Supply: 220/380V,60Hz60KV |
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