Anti-Relfective Coating Machine For Spectacles AR Coating Lenses

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AR coating lenses / an-ti relfective coating machine for spectacles / eyeglasses

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Introduction:This machine is mainly used for plating various films such as transparency enhanced film, spectroscopic film, band pass film/cutoff film, and high reflection film. It can plate a super large film system with 100 lays of film, and a transparency enhanced film with various colors, a reflection film with a red, yellow, blue, green or rainbow color

Main Features: 1. This machine is equipped with a super big crucible electronic gun. In the entire evaporation process the film surface is flat and evaporation distribution is even. 2. This machine is equipped with a quartz crystal film thickness control instrument to control the film forming speed and metallization process automatically. 3. This machine is equipped with a high power ion source to produce a film thickness with good quality. 4. The overall structure is rationally designed to better satisfy the process requirements. The vacuum system is automatically controlled by PLC for convenient operation. 5. The vacuum operating system is protected with an interlock. The diffusion pump has water cutoff and phase loss alarm functions. 6. Touch screen and PLC automatic control are used to set parameters of main components of the entire machine, to monitor the running of this machine at real time, and to diagnose faults intelligently.

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Model | Vakia Optical Coating lens machine |
Chamber size | 630 x H800 |
fixture | Arch-shaped 3 pieces of sector or single arch-shaped part |
Pumping time | From atmosphere to 5.0x10-3Pa<15min (unloaded) |
Ultimate vacuum | 3x10-4Pa |
Evaporation source | 2 groups resistance evaporation, single power source, power: 5W |
E-beam,high pressure, adjustable, 6KV-10KV,power: 6KW |
Ion source | Kerr source,double filament,power: 2KW |
Film thickness controller | MDC-360C crystal film thickness controller or SQC-310, 9704 optical film thickness controller |
Controlling system | Crystal touching screen and PLC make up the fully automatic controlling system |
Inflation system | One way mass flow controller |
Baking system | 350, PID thermostatic control,9KW |
configuration | KT-600,ZJP-300, 2X-70 |
Total / average power | 35KW / 25KW |
Used for | Optical lens, glass products, ornaments, lamps,plastic products |
Remark | Can be designed according to customers request |
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