Anti - Finger Print Film / Anti - Scrach Film Vacuum Coating Equipment

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Vacuum coater for anti-finger coating / anti-finger print film / anti-scatch film

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This machine is specially designed for large production, high efficiency optical thin film coating products, applicable to the AF, AS film coating on glass and plastic optical lens, spectacle glass. It can also be used for Mobile Window (glass or plastic), color optical film production for plastic sheet.

Main Features:

1. This machine is equipped with a super big crucible electronic gun. In the entire evaporation process the film surface is flat and evaporation distribution is even.

2. This machine is equipped with a quartz crystal film thickness control instrument to control the film forming speed and metallization process automatically.

3. This machine is equipped with a high power ion source to produce a film thickness with good quality.

4. The overall structure is rationally designed to better satisfy the process requirements. The vacuum system is automatically controlled by PLC for convenient operation.

5. The vacuum operating system is protected with an interlock. The diffusion pump has water cutoff and phase loss alarm functions.

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Vacuum coater , anti-finger coating , anti-finger print film , anti-scatch film

Kinds of dielectric film:

Antireflection film, Reflection film, Filter film, Beam-splitting film, Multicolored film

Protective film:

Rigid hydrophobic membrane,DLC


Car mirror, Optical lens, Spectacle, Cold light lamp, Decorative Lighting, Rhinestone.

Parameters :

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MODEL: OEC-l350 / USED: Optical Lens |
Chamber Inner Size: Diameter1350H1500mm |
Vertical Front-Opening door Vacuum Chamber Dome: 2 sets 3 section Heating: Halogen lamp:6KV |
Chamber Material:SUS 304 Stainless Steel |
Diffusion Pump:KT-630 (2 sets) 24 Vacuum System: Roots Pump:ZJY-600(1 set) Preceding Mechanical Pump:H-150(1 set) Holding Pump:2X-30(1 set) Note**(When the machine stops, the pump work 2 hours or so, to protect the vacuum and the whole system,it also mechanical pump) |
Ion Source: 1 set Model: CDNY-07LZ/2KW, Produced by Chendu Nanyi |
Electronic Gun: model:JYK-HZ08 8/10KW |
Quartz Crystal Control: SQC -310 Produced USAUNINFICON |
Polycold Machine:Model:TH-135-12P. |
Vacuum Gauge: ZDF (Pirani-2ea, penning 1-ea), produced Chengdou ZhengHua |
Ultimate Vacuum: 6.010-4Pa |
Working Vacuum: 2.010-2Pa |
Static Leakage Rate: 0.67Pa/h |
Cooling Mode: water circulation cooling |
2 sets of control cabinets Control Mode: touch Screen of 12 inches, color screen PLC programmable from Mitsubishi of Japan. |
Alarm and Protection Alarm for water shortage, over current, and the over voltage and broken circuit protection, Perform the corresponding Measures and the function of electric interlock. |
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