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Super Skc tools, for the latest technique matched to speed key currently,

world found; BE match a new style the best sharp weapon which speed key

Function characteristics:

This product will be upgraded to the following special features:

A write key, no need to dismantle the NEC chip; through infrared

read through the OBD-16 EZS data, no need to dismantle EZS lock

read through the OBD-16 722.9 gearbox EEPROG data, quickly rub the empty and recovery EEPROG data.

1-strong!!!This calculation tool overall support 1999-2011 of havings speed W series red outside the key data be born.Support new style(NEC) electronics lock head W221, W164, W212, W204, w169;support(MOTOROLA) the series of Motorola MCU; W220, W203, W210, W211, W209, W202, W208, W215, W230, W219 etc.

2-convenience!!!This calculation tool is born 8 pair of key, demand(EIS) electronics lock head data, not demand processing(ESL) direction lock;ESM;(file module)(ECU)Launch a machine computer;(ECT)722.9 auto gearbox computer

3-intelligence!!!This calculation tool ability auto analysis(EIS) electronics lock head type and appearance;Bedrock model number;Mileage number;End the key amount of the usage;

The key amount of the previous usage;Key amount of discard etc..

4-fast!!!This calculation tool is born 8 pair of key, need 10 minutes completion.Safety calculation, precision without any error.

5-found!!! This calculation tool solved-W203/W211 etc. car type duplicate keys a demand(RENEW) to wipe empty Siemens computer FLASH(29 F400/29 F800) MCU of hard nut to crack, and aim at 722.9 auto the car type of the gearbox computer world hard nut

to crack that need to be drive authorization!

6-safety!!!This calculation tool hardware adoption latest the bank system encrypt chip design, safety credibility, function stability.

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